KaffeeTeeABC 11/2016



A great “hallo” to Saxony – Eva Cello with coffee earrings on the front page of the magazine Augusto.




a TV report about my work on the station MDR in the TV show Donnerwetter! on 22nd of january in 2015


FS 20_2014 KaffeeFür Sie 20/2014


Kaffeezeitung_2014 An article about the day of coffee on the 6th of september 2014.


BILD 2  a nice article about my work in the Bildzeitung, which I never read, 09/2012


.SZ 03 2011 SZ 03/2011


SZ 05 2010 SZ 05 2010 Teil2 SZ 05/2010


Wochenkurier 02:2010 Wochenkurier 02/2010


Danini Artikel von Sarah Rehm 1Danini Artikel von Sarah Rehm 2 Danini article from Sarah Rehm, summer/2009